Rock & Roll & Real Estate: A Primer


web realestaterockers danielfishel Rock & Roll & Real Estate: A Primer
Illustration by Daniel Fishel.

Legend has it that nearly every attendee of the Sex Pistols first show eventually went on to start his or her own punk band, and that likewise, everybody at Big Star’s first show ended up a music critic. But what of the second annual Real Estate Rockers in Relief concert held last Wednesday?

Indeed, with its turntables and penchant for throwing “Back to the ’90s” parties, the Canal Room, a music venue in Tribeca, is better known for hosting celebrities like Tyson Beckford and Diddy than, say, David Lowenfeld of the Worldwide Group. But there he was last week, not only bereft of suit and tie, but at ease on stage while tickling the ivories alongside his band, Midlife.

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And Mr. Lowenfeld wasn’t the only executive playing rock star that night. From Howard Glatzer of 40 North Properties to Carl Schwartz of Hunton & Williams, the industry came alive to salute colleagues. After the jump, a sampling of real estate execs who rock, including members of Midlife, Normal by Day and RIPChORD, all of which performed last week.

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