The Enterprise Arrives!

Slide 1: The Enterprise Arrives!
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Yesterday, The Commercial Observer attended the historic arrival of the Enterprise space shuttle at the Intrepid air craft carrier moored on Manhattan’s West Side. In attendance was Bruce Mosler, a top brokerage executive at Cushman & Wakefield who was recently elected as co-chairman of the Intrepid’s museum. Mr. Mosler said the space shuttle will boost attendance and interest in the carrier and its array of aircraft and other military and aeronautical artifacts. While the Enterprise will sit on the Intrepid’s deck for the time being, Mr. Mosler will help lead a campaign to raise funds to create a permanent exhibit that will likely see the shuttle relocated dockside next to the ship.  Here are pictures from yesterday’s arrival.


Bruce Mosler, a top brokerage executive at Cushman & Wakefield and the Intrepid Sea Air and Space Museum’s recently elected co-chairman, watched the Enterprise from the deck of the Intrepid. “We think that this is going to continue to boost attendance and interest at the Intrepid,” Mr. Mosler told The Commercial Observer. “We’re on course for about one million visitors this year and we believe this attraction could bring that up by 30 percent.”

As work continued to hoist the Enterprise, construction of a ventilation room on the deck of the Intrepid continued. The room will be used to inflate a bubble over the Enterprise to protect it from the elements. The space craft is not water tight.

The Intrepid’s conning tower.

A shot that gives a sense of the size of the crane being used for the job of lifting the 150,000 pound Enterprise. The crane towers over the deck of the Intrepid, which rises several stories out of the water.

A Soviet Mig figher jet is one among several aircraft at the Intrepid and will be one of the Enterprise’s closest neighbors on the deck.