Avenue of the (Green) Americas: Sixth Ave Eco-Friendliest Corridor in Manhattan


With the Time & Life Building getting a LEED-silver rating in March, the Avenue of the Americas now boasts the highest number of green buildings, with a total of 7 LEED certified towers along its busy thoroughfare, according to a press release sent out by The Rockefeller Group. 

1271 Ave of the Amers 235x300 Avenue of the (Green) Americas: Sixth Ave Eco Friendliest Corridor in Manhattan
1271 Avenue of the Americas

The Avenue of the Americas now beats out Park Avenue (6) and Madison Avenue (4)  for the most buildings with LEED certification. After 1271 Avenue of the Americas earned its LEED-silver certification, it increased the number of LEED-certified buildings on the West Side t0 19. That bests the 18 total LEED-certified buildings on the East Side.

“Time & Life opened in December 1959, yet it remains one of the most advanced and modern buildings,” said Kevin Hackett, CEO and president of The Rockefeller Group, in a statement last week.

The Rockefeller has another LEED-EB building on Sixth Avenue: 1221 Avenue of the Americas, which has a standard LEED certification. 1271 Avenue of the Americas was certified on March 15th.

As of this month, the greenest Manhattan streets with the highest number of LEED-EB certified buildings were:

1. Avenue of the Americas – 7

2. Park Avenue – 6

3. Madison – 4

4. Seventh Avenue – 4

5. Broadway – 3

6. Third Avenue – 3

7. Fifth Avenue – 2

8. Other – 8


The U.S. Green Building Council started the LEED certification in 2000 to help building owners and developers implement sustainable practices in the construction and maintenance of office buildings.

In an interview with The Commercial Observer last month, Robert Watson (one of LEED’s creators) said that the ranking will have an increasing relevance for all building owners.

“Very soon you are not going to be able to call yourself class A unless you are LEED certified,” said Mr. Watson.