On The Market: Happy Park(ing) Day!; Big 'Uh Oh' for Bolt Bus; Jersey City Is Still the New Brooklyn


Another assault on cars, as citizens turn spaces into parks for “Park(ing) Day”. [Curbed]

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Man arrested for breaking into his own home. [NY Post]

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The Brooklyn-side of bike share. [BK Paper]

With mortgage rates in a historically deep crater, where is all the refinancing action? [MarketWatch]

How is 83rd Street like “Sesame Street?” Here’s how. [NY Times]

Brooklyn tenants fear the end of Section 8 in their development. [Daily News]

Bolt Bus is about to get a much closer look from NYC authorities. [DNAInfo]

Poor attendance spells out a fuzzy future for Boerum Hill pool. [Brooklyn Paper]

The shifting perceptions of “Brooklynizing” in Jersey City. [Journal]

Finding that perfect share: two bedrooms and room for dinner parties. [NY Times]

The sleeping giant: Laureate sells almost 50 apartments for more than $6.5 million. [Daily News]