On The Market: 9/11 Memorial Relief; Your Doorman Hates our Kids; What Is a 'Pothole?'



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How tight was security at yesterday’s memorial? Former Governor (and father of current Governor) Mario Cuomo had problems getting into it. [NY Post]

Some odd, scary moments took place on board some passenger flights yesterday and resulted in fighter jet escorts. [The Journal]

Victims families found some solace and relief at the almost-completed memorial. [Crain’s]

Ribbons and lawn chairs honor the victims. [Daily News]

Twin Towers erased from Downtown Alliance logo. [Journal]

Everything Else:

It looks like “curtains” for Billyburg’s “Monster Island.” [NY Times]

An ugly tragedy at Penn Station. [NY Post]

Turnstile jumping is not just illegal… it’s fiscally responsible. [Daily News]

Carroll Gardens keeps blossoming for the BroBos. [Journal]

Your doorman knows your kids, and he probably doesn’t like them very much. [BrickUnderground]

As U.S. Open comes to an end, the challenge to keep kids interested in tennis begins. [WNYC]

Sometimes a pothole is just a sinkhole says DOT. [NY Post]

Big names lined up for Brooklyn Book Festival. [Brooklyn Paper]