On the Market:Bronx Backyard's 12-Foot Twin Towers; Ladies, Bachelors Love Eately; Prohibition-Era Subways



Bronx man builds 12-foot Twin Tower replicas in backyard. [Daily News]

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Picking the appropriate relics for the 9/11 museum. [NY Post]

Chinatown never really recovered from 9/11. [Daily News]

Covering the anniversary carefully, the media tries to avoid the crass and commercial while still cashing in. [NY Times]

Attacks still haunt one construction worker who helped with the clean up. [Daily News]

Preparing the Tribute in Light memorial for the 10th anniversary. [NY Post]

Everything Else:

Three Atlantic Yards panoramas show the progress, expansiveness, emptiness of Bruce Ratner’s baby. [AY Report]

City, learning from Irene, begins preparing for the next disaster. [NY Times]

New York’s six-figure bachelors love Whole Foods, Eataly. [NY Post]

Toll Brothers unveils a throw-back looking UES tower. [Curbed]

M.T.A. rolling out Boardwalk Empire-themed subway cars. [Journal]

French brothers hope to run new Oak Room. [NY Post]

Carpenters union finally reaches a contract deal, ending last of union talks. [Crain’s]

The forgotten story of the memorial in Fort Greene Park. [NY Times]

How Queens could become a haven for bike commuters. [Streetsblog]

Bros set Guinness Book record by drinking at 170 Manhattan bars in 24 hours. [Daily News]

Giant union rats crash Jay-Z’s party at 40/40 Club. [Curbed]

After three 100-year floods in the span of a decades, should an upstate town really rebuild itself? [NY Times]


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