The Closing: Hotties Voting; T Train Swag; UWS Postage Stamp; East Village IHOP

How dare Curbed rate the attractiveness of professionals in the real estate industry. [Curbed NY]

The latest twist in the Battle of San Gennaro. [Eater NY]

Upper West Side to get its own postage stamp. [Gothamist]

Overly skinny girl Bethenny Frankel buys “plus-sized condo” in Tribeca. [NY Post]

Swag for the T train—a.k.a. Second Avenue Subway—flying off the shelves. [NY Times]

City Planning certifies two St. Vincent’s sites for development. [Real Deal]

Post-protest, great-grandma’s Bed Stuy eviction stayed. [Brownstoner]

There’s an East Village IHOP, and it will have 200 employees. [EV Grieve]

And meet the city’s first Aging Improvement District. [Daily News]


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