The Closing: Hot Enough for Ya?; the $5 M. Brighton Beach Penthouse (Oy!); Help Fix UES Waterfront


Two? No. Six? No! 12? Baker’s dozen! Magnolia Bakery franchises might start cropping up in exotic locations overseas. It’s all about the Hamiltons, baby. [Journal]

The stifling heat wave sweeping the city is causing power outages in Brooklyn and reduced power in Queens. [NY Post]

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But the heat isn’t stopping some brave protesters in Chelsea near a condo building site on West 23rd Street. [Curbed NY]

Expand your library while it’s cheap—Borders is beginning its liquidation sales today. [Crain’s via AP]

Bravo reality star Jeff Lewis kicked out of midtown penthouse for criticizing it while giving staging advice; said it “reek[ed] of being a spec home.” [NY Daily News]

The $4,999,999 (don’t call it $5 million) penthouse in Brighton Beach. [Curbed NY]

NY state court still thinks the M.T.A. undervalued a property at 194 Broadway, which it took over through eminent domain. [The Real Deal]

Navigating through Queens is no easy task. [Journal]

Elected officials want East Side residents’ input on waterfront space improvements. [DNAinfo]

Want space in Boerum Hill? Next week might be a good time to find an auction. [Brownstoner]

Brokers are toeing the line with referral rules. [The Real Deal]