On the Market: Bloomberg’s Hamptons Plans; Food Trucks Fight Back; Angst Near Trade Center Site


If you thought the High Line already had all the entertainment you could handle, you haven’t seen the retro roller rink yet. [Journal]

Don’t worry, food-truck lovers: many owners of the popular lunch spots that have become the subject of police ticketing aren’t giving up the fight just yet. [NY Times]

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Mayor Bloomberg is reportedly purchasing a $20 million Hamptons estate. [NY Post]

Living in a high-rise doesn’t seem like such a good idea once a natural disaster hits—sales of these apartments have plummeted in Tokyo after quake. [NY Times]

Predictably, all that construction at the World Trade Center site is disturbing nearby residents. [DNAinfo]

The Landmarks Preservation Commission approved a renovation of the Carlton House Hotel. [The Real Deal]

Another Brooklyn market—this one is opening downtown and will sell food and clothing. [NY Times]

New York City  is offering a $100 million incentive to N.Y.U. to build an applied sciences center. [Journal]

Court denies preliminary injunction to prevent Michael Ring from selling or leasing property. [The Real Deal]