On the Market: 2013 Subway Fare Scare; Gimlet-Eyed Oak Room Closing Today; Don’t They Know Chelsea Isn’t For the Poor Anymore?

Not everyone is looking forward to Atlantic Yards—the site is still seeing protests. [Curbed NY]

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Donald Trump goes from “real estate mogul” to birther to apparent debt ceiling expert, lending his advice to the G.O.P. [The Real Deal]

The M.T.A. is hiking fares and tolls by 7.5 percent in 2013 and 2015. Well, it’s still cheaper than a cab. [NY Post]

The city is finally doing something about that disgusting puddle on West 56th Street. [DNAinfo]

Last call! The iconic Oak Room at the Plaza Hotel is shuttering Wednesday. [NY Times]

Manhattan isn’t the only island “revitalizing” downtown—Long Island is joining the game. [Journal]

The battle over a homeless shelter in Chelsea rages on. [DNAinfo]

The Bronx might see the most post office closures of any borough, and borough officials aren’t happy about it. [NY Post]