1121-Done: Hipsters Losing Coveted Zip Code


hipsters 11211 1121 Done: Hipsters Losing Coveted Zip CodeHere’s another thing to blame on Williamsburg developers.

In addition to trying to cram more strollers on the L train and making the wait at Hotel Delmano longer, Williamsburg residents have another reason to resent the influx of new the condos: Because of all the development, the U.S. Postal Service has been forced to add a new zip code to the unbearably hip hood.

Gothamist reports that residents have received a letter informing them that certain swaths of the nabe will be losing their coveted 11211 zip code. The new area code is 11249, which sounds more like somewhere off the F train. The yuppie horror!

But at least it will give long-time residents another thing to brag about. Get ready for cheeseball-fueled conversations at The Levee bemoaning the changing neighborhood, wishing for the good days when everybody was a 11211er.