Jonathan Miller Is Still No. 1 in Our Hearts…


trolleccc2010 jonathanmiller Jonathan Miller Is Still No. 1 in Our Hearts...… That is until someone can top the furious screed he sent to Curbed in response to being named No. 99 on this year’s Power 100 list, one spot behind the site’s founder, Lockhart Steele. Our favorite passage:

Also in 2008, I entered the inaugural list at #87, the only person in the history of real estate power players who spent their early career measuring property with a wheel on a stick. I eventually graduated to sonic and laser handheld devices, but, again, wheel on a stick. No one can ever take that away from me. I am #1 on the Power Wheel on a Stick list.

In 2009, when I edged up to 86, little did I know that my new ranking would foretell my future and I’d be “86’d” from the list in 2010. Apparently I wasn’t working hard enough. But I didn’t give up hope. How to regain my power? The answer was simple: more market reports! But where? East Shore of Staten Island? The Gowanus Canal Sub-market? No. The magic combination was Westchester and Putnam County with a just a hint of Miami. Those were the tickets back to the Power 100.

Give the guy credit. He knows his way around a pen as well as a Power Wheel on a Stick.

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