Big Deal Pending at Ratner’s Metrotech


metrotech Big Deal Pending at Ratners MetrotechPolytechnic Institute of New York University, the private engineering college in downtown Brooklyn, is nearing a deal for approximately 9,000 square feet of office and administrative space at Metrotech Center, sources familiar with the process told The Observer yesterday.

Currently occupying space at the Forest City Ratner-owned 5 and 6 MetroTech as well as nearby space at the historic Wunsch Building at 311 Bridge Street, the 157-year-old school is exploring space at both 1 and 4 MetroTech Center, the sources said.

The expansion push comes just three years after Polytechnic affiliated with New York University. It was not immediately clear what brokerage firm is handling the transaction, and a consultant to the school said in a statement only that, “NYU-Poly is exploring options for expansion.”