Walmart Coming to Herald Square! Like, in a Decade… Maybe


macys Walmart Coming to Herald Square! Like, in a Decade... MaybeMost of the talk about Walmart opening a store in New York City has focused on outlets at the edges of the outer boroughs or possibly small stores scattered here and there. But what if the big-box retailer opened a store in the heart of Manhattan?

That is the real possibility presented by new Massey Knakal executive vice president Benjamin Fox in a new video for The Real Deal. He suggests Herald Square, 23rd Street and somewhere near Bloomingdale’s uptown as perfect spots for a new, full-scale Walmart store. The discussion may be speculative , but given the Manhattan successes of JC Penney, Best Buy and Target, it is almost surprising there is not a Walmart in Manhattan yet. As Fox puts it, “Where does an elephant sit? Anywhere it wants.”

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And even if Walmart may not be great for workers or even consumers, Fox’s colleague (and our columnist) Bob Knakal points out that a store of its magnitude can transform a neighborhood, drawing in more people. That boosts traffic, profit and rents. (Granted, rent increases are only good if you can afford them, which most mom-and-pops can’t. But hey, more tax revenue, too!)

So, we can expect half-a-dozen new Walmarts tomorrow, right? Not exactly. Fox reveals that he has seen a memo from some Walmart higher-ups “indicating that this is way, way, way — that everyone is getting way ahead of themselves.” Tell that to Public Advocate Bill de Blasio.