Report: Julie Macklowe to Launch ‘Fashion-Related’ Company


juliemacklowe Report: Julie Macklowe to Launch Fashion Related CompanyJulie Macklowe, fashion maven, hedge fund manager, and wife of real estate macher Billy Macklowe, is finally following her passion. 

Trade mag Hedge Fund Alert reports that Ms. Macklowe (profiled by Irina Aleksander in the Observer last year) is ditching the hedge fund business for fashion: “Specifically, she plans to start a fashion-related company and make seed investments in other fashion businesses.”

Ms. Macklowe, wife of Billy Macklowe (profiled in the Observer last week) and daughter-in-law to Harry Macklowe, is known for her love of fashion. As she told Irina:

“You see all these amazing things on the runway, and very few people have the guts to wear them,” Ms. Macklowe said. “Anyone can wear something that’s safe, but you have to have a certain amount of courage to … like one year I wore a Zac Posen dress to the CFDAs. It was all one piece of yarn in little pieces and I actually hit the worst-dressed list somewhere!”