On the Market: Mort Signs John Hancock; Racist Predatory Lending; Naked Cowboy 4 Prez


“Depressed broker” index tops Case-Shiller [Curbed]

Final tally: Stuy Town lenders could save $100 million on Ackman buyout [Journal]

Another big court win for tenants, this time at FiDi’s 20 Pine [Crain’s]

Foreclosures hurting students: Furman [WNYC]

Mort Zuckerman buys John Hancock, Boston’s tallest [Real Deal]

2nd Ave Subway construction hits retailers worse than expected [Times]

It wasn’t just predatory lending but racist predatory lending that caused the bubble [MSNBC]

Paterson and Silver square off on property taxes [Crain’s]

Harbor School sets sail on Governors Island [Journal]

Bedbugs go to court — and not in a good way [News]

They take a bite out of our colleagues at the Brooklyn Paper, too [BK Paper]

He’s got our vote: Naked Cowboy for president [Post]

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