Twitter Opens Office In New York, Sort Of


mrmetfailwhale Twitter Opens Office In New York, Sort OfTwitter is increasingly billing itself as a media company, so the news that they were opening a Twitter office in New York made perfect sense. Read Write Web’s Marshall Kilpatrick broke the story last night, but it turned out to be only partly true.

It sounded like the East Coast digs weren’t quite as fancy as Twitter staff are used to. “There is something charming about a bare office space and a whole team working within earshot,” tweeted Jessica Verrlli, Twitter’s lead for corporate development.

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This morning came an update. This is not in fact a Twitter office in New York, just a temporary work space for the folks Twitter hired here. Still, it’s a clear sign the company has a growing presence in NYC.

The new Twitter layout, released last week, put an emphasis on transforming the site from a stream of short text messages to a broader space for consuming full articles and video. This extra real estate is sure to be rich territory for advertising as well.

“A lot of Silicon Valley companies are realizing the growing need for media and advertising savvy,” says Somak Chattopadhyay, a local VC veteran and principle at Greenhill SAVP specializing in technology. “No place can offer that better than New York.”

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