Silverstein: New W.T.C. Will Host 250K People Daily


silversteinseptember7 Silverstein: New W.T.C. Will Host 250K People Daily Larry Silverstein announced Tuesday that when the new World Trade Center is complete by 2015, it will boast the daily foot traffic of 250,000 people.

Mr. Silverstein hosted a press conference at noon on Tuesday, where he and other notables like Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Paterson expressed their intention that the 9/11 memorial be completed in time for the 10-year anniversary of the tragedy. This comes in the wake of a recent deal between Silverstein Properties and the Port Authority, which allots $1.6 billion of public funds to the construction of Towers 3 and 4.

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Mr. Silverstein said that Towers 1 and 4 will welcome their first tenants in 2013, and that by 2015, the new World Trade Center site will be complete. He estimates that 250,000 people will either visit or work at the complex each day. At that same press conference, Joe Daniels, the president of the 9/11 Memorial Museum, estimated that the memorial alone would attract five million annual visitors.