Morning Links: A Student Housing Bubble?; Taibbi on Prohkorov; More Major Fires in NYC


Too expensive developing near transit? Build more transit [Streetsblog]

Walmart confirms it is looking in the city, won’t say where [News]

Treesdale Partners sees graduating opportunities in student housing [Crain’s]

If Wall Street‘s Bud Fox were buying today, Sutton Place would cost $6M, not $950K [Journal]

Matt Taibbi on Nets owner, AY co-builder Prohkorov [No Land Grab]

Shocker: Fewer Firefighters, More Fires [News]

Hospitals and nursing homes plagued by bed bugs, too [Crain’s]

The cabbie and the U.N. [WNYC]

Milton Glaser answers silly Times “I Heart” contest with loaf, Louvre [Times]


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