Air China Lands at Empire State Building


airchinaairplane Air China Lands at Empire State BuildingAir China, the official airline of the Communist regime, is moving into some swanky new space on the 69th floor of the Empire State Building. Apparently the looming threat of 15 Penn Plaza was just that, as Fred Posniak, a W&H Properties executive suggested in a release announcing the deal today.

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“International brand-name companies appreciate the recognition and cachet of the Empire State Building,” Mr. Posniak said. “The transaction with Air China is another example of a perfect match between a prestigious company and the World’s Most Famous Office Building.”

The airline moved into a “pre-built suite,” which Mr. Posniak argued was a sign that “pre-builts are no no longer the domain of small companies.” Perhaps business being what it is these days, who can afford anything more?

The Real Estate Desk is waiting to hear whether it was the building’s profile (literal or figurative), recent “green” renovations, or feng shui that sealed the deal.

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