Sean Coffey Doubles Down On Property Tax Cap


coffey 1 Sean Coffey Doubles Down On Property Tax CapAfter AG candidate Sean Coffey said at a debate that he supported a property tax cap, he was slammed by his fellow Democrats for supporting a “George Bush”-like economic policy.

Today at a campaign event in Syracuse, Coffey reiterated his support for the tax cap, saying, “I am the only candidate for Attorney General who stands shoulder-to-shoulder with New York homeowners and small business owners on this critical issue. Finding innovative new ways to control the cost of living in New York would be among my top priorities as the next Attorney General.”

In this matter, Coffey is aligning himself with Andrew Cuomo, who has called for property taxes to be capped at 2 percent.

Another AG candidate, Eric Dinallo, has criticized Coffey–not so much for supporting the tax cap, but for talking about an issue that the attorney general will have very little say over.

“Those who seek elected office have a powerful bully pulpit – and I intend to continue using mine to help create a new culture in Albany that is accountable and responsive to the voters’ concerns.  First and foremost, New Yorkers need a property tax cap,” Coffey said.

Coffey also took time to knock both Eric Schneiderman and Richard Brodsky, the first for voting against a property tax cap in the Senate and the second for being a member of the Assembly, which has not yet voted on the Senate bill.

But the real audience here seems to be those moderate, middle of the road suburban voters that are expected to form the bulk of front-runner Kathleen Rice’s support.