Keith McNally Takes on the Post, ‘New York’s Trashiest Newspaper’


balthazar 0 Keith McNally Takes on the Post, New Yorks Trashiest NewspaperRestaurateur and beef aficionado Keith McNally persists in his habit of berating critics: now it’s Steve Cuozzo of the Post. After Cuozzo wrote a column lamenting the quality of new restaurants, McNally was moved to send Eater this email:

It’s ironic that a gutter journalist (Steve Cuozzo) from New York’s trashiest newspaper (N.Y. Post) should complain about the quality of new restaurants in Manhattan. If Cuozzo had an iota of integrity he’d write about the quality of the New York Post, not Manhattan’s restaurants. But Cuozzo’s an illiterate, low-life hack with the backbone of a centipede. If not, he’d be criticizing the abominable lack of quality on the pages of the New York Post, not the latest crop of restaurants to open in Manhattan.

The Post, apparently unruffled, responded this morning with an item in Page Six:

Cuozzo tells Page Six, “I’ve long suspected Keith McNally had a secret crush on me, and I’m thrilled he’s finally found the courage to confirm it.”