A Winn Winn: Ensconced in 740 Park, Rennert Girl Sells Old Condo


chatham2 A Winn Winn: Ensconced in 740 Park, Rennert Girl Sells Old Condo

When Daddy buys you an apartment instead of a pony, you move in, irrespective of whether you’ve still got your old apartment.

And this wasn’t just any apartment-nor any daddy, for that matter.

In January of 2008, Ira Rennert, best known for his sprawling Sagaponack mansion of near-infinite square footage and his superlative ranking on the worst polluters list due to the fortune-wielding practices of his billion-dollar junk bond business, bought his two daughters, Tamara Winn and Yonina Davidson, matching $30 million-plus apartments (well, they weren’t exactly matching, per se, though they were complementary enough to avoid sibling rivalry, one hopes).

Tamara’s apartment was the 740 Park Avenue four-bedroom, A-line duplex of Mosler Safe heiress Janet Coleman and was sold by her estate to Mr. Rennert for $32 million.

According to city records, Ms. Winn and her husband, Randy Winn, have finally traded the humble abode that preceded their Park Avenue palace. The couple sold their 2,745-square-foot condo at the Chatham, just a few blocks southeast of the building they now call home, for $6.85 million. (Due to 740 Park’s stringent summer work rules, renovations on the apartment were only recently completed, and sources report the couple and their two daughters remained in the Chatham until July.)

Mr. Winn, who is a managing director at Standard & Poor and runs their Capital IQ Business, was not in the office on Tuesday, and, according to his secretary, could not be reached.

According to sources with knowledge of the deal, the apartment was sold privately without ever being listed, though it’s unknown whether a broker was involved. Brown Harris Stevens’ John Burger, who has a 19th-floor listing at the Chatham and was not involved in this deal, said it is a three-bedroom with park views to the west, and occupies half of the 30th floor of the Robert A.M. Stern-designed building.

Though shielded by an LLC, sources say the buyers are Israeli real estate investor Chaim Katzman and his wife, Dr. Shulamit Rozen-Katzman.

The Winns bought the apartment in 2005 for $6.95 million, meaning the couple suffered a $100,000 loss—but frankly, when $100,000 would barely buy a topiary for your father’s $185 million Hamptons home, who cares?