The Street Where You Live: Buh-Bye, Whitney!

2 east 75th 0 The Street Where You Live: Buh Bye, Whitney!

When the Whitney, chronically in want of space and funds, finally makes its leap downtown, like any longtime Upper East Sider in less lofty altitudes, the museum will have some things to get used to, not least the insouciant High Line sunbathers and gritty-chic meatpacking clubsters for neighbors. But Whitney Number One-finally unyoked from oft-thwarted dreams of an uptown expansion and now in the process of selling its surrounding brownstones-may also be coming into some new neighbors.

Residents of East 75th Street have long paid fortunes for views that include the inverted gray ziggurat, and the Whitney’s soon-to-be-former property will undoubtedly shake up the block’s high-stakes real estate roulette, where the likes of Barbara Walters and Mike Nichols have cast their hand.




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