Stephen Ross: My Dolphins Will Make the Super Bowl


stephenrossgetty 0 0 Stephen Ross: My Dolphins Will Make the Super BowlStephen Ross, chairman of mega-developer Related Companies (and recently No. 1 on The Observer’s Power 100 of people in New York real estate), has a day job owning the Miami Dolphins. It was in that role on Tuesday that Mr. Ross made headlines when he, Namath-like, predicted the Dophins would make the next Super Bowl.

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“I think in February, we will be playing in the Super Bowl,” Mr. Ross told reporters after an event honoring him for a donation to a Miami high school.

Mr. Ross also predicted on Tuesday that Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne would go down as the franchise’s greatest ever. The football blogs erupted, noting that Bob Griese, who led the Dolphins to two Super Bowl victories in the early 1970s, and Dan Marino, perhaps the best quarterback in NFL history to have never won a Super Bowl, also played for the Dolphins.  

Stay tuned, sports fans.