New York Hotel-Psyche Reader Goes to England


pomeranc 0 New York Hotel Psyche Reader Goes to EnglandLast year, Thompson Hotels co-owner, and Shannen Doherty ex, Jason Pomeranc told The Observer that, “every hotel has a psyche.”

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The occasion was a Pomeranc-guided tour of his hotel, the Smyth, in Tribeca, which, if it were indeed a sentient being, would have the psyche of a 28-year-old Wall Street banker with too much money, exuberant self-regard and the libido of a 15-year-old.

At any rate, Mr. Pomeranc is bringing his psyche-reading abilities to England. The Wall Street Journal reports that Thompson Hotels is building an 85-room hotel called Belgraves in the Belgravia neighborhood of London.

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