Marty Markowitz Emails ‘Mr. Jobs’: Open an Apple Store in Brooklyn!


marty 0 Marty Markowitz Emails Mr. Jobs: Open an Apple Store in Brooklyn!Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, who, if nothing else, excels at boosterism, has made a video in which he pleads (via an email typed on an iPad purchased in Manhattan) for Apple to open a store in the Borough of Kings.

Gothamist has the footage.

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Here’s a snippet from the email, addressed to “Mr. Jobs”:

As you surely know, in the creative world, there’s no place hotter than Brooklyn, USA. Just like “Apple,” Brooklyn is now an international “brand,” signifying the coolest place on earth to live, work, play and create.

I know you’re always dreaming up the next big thing-here’s a suggestion: Hit the big time and bring an Apple store to Brooklyn!