Tech Firm Leap Frogs Sublease, Nabs Five-Year Direct Deal

22 Cortlandt Street

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Starpoint Solutions, a technology consulting firm, signed a 14,700-square-foot lease in lower Manhattan. The Mayore Estates-owned space will ably support the techies’ “growth projections” for its future, said Studley‘s Marc Shapses.

On the owner’s side, Grubb & Ellis broker Barrett Stern said, “We were looking at the long-term benefit of having Starpoint as a tenant.” (An unending reservoir of tech support, clearly.)

The space was originally on the market for a three-year sublease, but Starpoint was able to secure a five-year direct lease through negotiations with Mayore Estates and the sublandlord.

Starpoint was also represented by Jason Schwartzenberg and Joseph Messina of Studley. The company plans to move in by next month.