Sephora Latest Link in Columbus Square Chains


sephora smiley man with a hat Sephora Latest Link in Columbus Square Chains

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808 Columbus Avenue

Sephora‘s kandy-kolored cosmetic kaleidoscope is replicating its vision of perpetual beauty enhancement yet again. If the goal is to create a Manhattan where no one is more than five blocks from an endless array of lipstick shades, the new Columbus Square Sephora will take us one store closer.

Columbus Square, that formerly nameless idle of the Upper West Side, is a new development of luxury apartments and big-name, big-box stores with a strip-mall-in-the-city sort of appeal. Whole Foods has long been spreading its tendrils through the urban environment, but TJ Maxx and craft store Michael’s are more novel additions.

Sephora is the latest chain to add its brand to the newly christened area, according to The Real Deal.