Kosher Curry Hill Addition Plans April Opening on Lex


344 lexington ave property shark Kosher Curry Hill Addition Plans April Opening on Lex

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344 Lexington Avenue

The newest restaurant to throw its name into Murray Hill’s boundless South Asian mix is catering to a somewhat specific niche: It’s also kosher. Shalom Bombay, currently of Teaneck, N.J., will soon open its second location on Lexington Avenue.

“This is an ideal spot for a restaurant that caters to a wide variety of eaters,” said ZE Realty‘s Joshua Roth, who brokered the deal. Among the restaurant’s likely patrons, Mr. Roth said, are vegetarians and the health conscious. Unlike much ghee-infused Hindustani fare, Shalom Bombay prefers olive oil.

The restaurant will take up 1,100 square feet, plus an ample basement. It plans to open in April.