Time Warner Spills Over Into 37K Feet at Paramount’s 1633 Broadway


1633 broadway prop shark Time Warner Spills Over Into 37K Feet at Paramount’s 1633 Broadway1633 Broadway
New Yorkers can still watch Glee and American Idol. Rupert Murdoch will stay rich. In a last-minute New Year’s deal struck between Time Warner Cable and Fox after heated negotiations, everyone wins. (Though some New Yorkers would likely contribute to a fund barring from the air the network that also gives us Glenn Beck and Cops.)

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Meanwhile, for all its resistance to the News Corporation’s demands, Time Warner doesn’t seem too scarred by the battle for content – it’s apparently overspilling its square footage at the Columbus Circle Time Warner Center, and projections of future growth have led it to seek additional space.

The media conglomerate will take roughly 37,000 square feet on the Paramount Group-owned building’s 39th floor and plans to use the space for its media sales office. Rents, according to Real Estate Weekly, were in the high-$50s a square foot. CB Richard EllisGreg Kraut and David Hollander negotiated on behalf of Time Warner.