Sales Beat

New Year’s Eve Sale: Gilar Group Acquires 2410-2418 Broadway for $47 Million

2410-2418 Broadway, aka 214-218 West 89th Street

Albert and Robert Gilardian, of The Gilar Group, acquired 2410-2418 Broadway for $47 million. The transaction closed prior to the New Year and the seller, M.E. & A Realty Co., was motivated in part by concerns over the looming hikes in capital gains taxes and fiscal cliff concerns, according to a release prepared by Eastern Consolidated, which represented the seller in collaboration with Besen & AssociatesRead More

Power Broker

Locked & Loaded: Multi-talented broker Aliza Avital does it all

Eastern Consolidated Senior Director Aliza Avital (photo credit: Hannah Mattix)

The broker in the canary-yellow Dolce & Gabbana overcoat—a festive and vernal touch that was perfectly suitable for this year’s bipolar winter—may be better dressed than most of the commercial brokerage industry, and could certainly lay claim to being one of the toughest in the business as well.

Aliza Avital, thin and towering and striking like a modern-day skyscraper, sat in the conference room in the offices of Eastern Consolidated, where she had just been promoted to senior director. Read More