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Time for a Tech Update

“Seventy-nine percent of people work on virtual teams. What’s interesting is that in most organizations there is a preponderance of using yesterday’s tools.” — Rick Puskar, senior vice president of customer experience & services for Unify (Forbes.com)

Using yesterday’s tools to work in today’s world is not only ineffective, it also squanders away time and Read More

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You May Want to Take a Seat (or Not)

Approximately a decade ago, the first adjustable-height desks hit the market. These “sit/stand” alternatives to traditional office seating could be manually adjusted or, with the help of an electric motor and push of a button, shifted according to a worker’s needs and preferences. They were intriguing, but costly, as they were considered specialty items.

Over Read More

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Ways Architects Deliver Value

Architects wear many hats (and not necessarily hard hats). However, our roles and responsibilities are among the most misunderstood in the industry. This week I’d like to shed light on five ways an architect can add value during the scope of a project.

Here are some of the key skills any effective architect should have: Read More

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I’d Hire You!

New York is one of the most competitive and opportunity-laden cities in the world. So, when it comes time to submit a proposal for a new project, what separates one company from the next? Two recent projects we competed for—and ultimately won—provided insight into this question. After presenting, the decision-makers, one of whom had interviewed Read More

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Understanding Company Culture

Architecture should be an extension of a company’s culture, its brand, its aesthetic. So, when a landlord called me last week to discuss creating a state-of-the-art prebuilt environment for future tech, media and avant-garde tenants in a new property he just purchased, I referred him to go see a recent project of ours: offices for Read More

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Spector’s Top Six NYC Buildings

I’m often asked what my favorite building to work in is. For me, there’s no one simple answer and no single building that suits the wide variety of tenants our firm designs for. Each has a personality all its own and a list of positives to go right along with it. That being said, here Read More

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Designing Across Generations

A peek inside the modern office will tell you all you need to know about the evolution of the typical workplace. Rigidly aligned cubicles, closed-off office suites, stodgy conference rooms and break rooms with nothing more than a coffee maker, water cooler and small seating area are increasingly uncommon. Sure, they still exist, but on Read More

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In Favor of Strategic Partnerships

You may have already guessed this based upon the title of this column, but let me start right off by saying I’m a huge fan of creating strategic partnerships, also known as professional alliances. If two parties or more can come together to help one another and, even more importantly, their mutual client(s), the benefits Read More

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Five Paths to Savings and Success

Savings and success: these are the top two objectives of every client we work with. After all, who wouldn’t like more of either one…or both for that matter? Below are five of the best ways to enhance a design so that it looks its very best, while keeping the budget at bay:

1. Get real: Read More

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Manhattan’s Wild West

Terminal Stores, Starrett-Lehigh, Autobahn Alley, Manhattan West and Hudson Yards. What do these five locations have in common? If you guessed that they are mentioned in the news nearly every single day and then some, you’re right—but there’s much more to it. They are all located in an area undergoing rapid transformation and one that Read More

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Listen Up!

Someone recently asked me what skill every architect should have today and when I gave them my answer, they were a bit surprised by its simplicity. “They need to know how to listen,” I said, with a brief pause before adding the next two words. “Really listen.”

In a market flooded with creative, talented professionals, Read More

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Get Back to Business!

The age-old debate over how much time to spend working in your business (i.e. servicing clients and performing the work you get paid to do), versus working on your business (i.e. building it to the next level and innovating), is a topic that is often discussed in business media. However, for an owner or principal Read More

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Part Two: Who Inspires You?

When someone inspires you, it can change who you are for the better. Last week, I shared a story about my design influence. This week, I’m going to tell you all about an organization and two individuals who I credit with much of my personal management style.

It all started back in 2001. A very Read More