Power Briefing

Sustainability & Climate Action Driving CRE Finance & Development Strategies

Panel 1 If you haven't already heard of Clean Property Assessed Energy (C-PACE) and the case for green lending then you're sure to become an expert this year as the industry shifts an even greater focus towards sustainable financing models. Join this deep dive discussion explaining the mechanics of C-PACE lending, how it measures up to traditional forms of financing, and why you're likely to see more firms moving toward green lending models. Panel 2 A major takeaway coming out of a pandemic is that people around the world are paying much closer attention to how they interact with the built environment. One thing is clear, the future of the workplace is in people-first spaces that promote health, wellness and safety, as well as positive climate action. Tune in to hear how real estate owners and corporate employers are positioning their workplaces as attraction and retention tools by putting tenant and environmental health at the top of their agendas.