South Florida Forum

A series of shifting market paradigms have pushed many corporations to rethink their location strategies, and where could be better than somewhere so aptly named as the Sunshine State? South Florida and Miami have been the recent beneficiaries of many corporate relocations and the announcement of new, secondary offices and headquarters. As we enter year three of living in a hybrid world, companies and talent alike are flocking to warmer areas and urban areas that offer dynamic lifestyles, robust shopping and dining and world-class entertainment and leisure opportunities. South Florida is becoming its own lifestyle brand. As the South Florida market continues to rapidly expand, can the real estate industry sustain this growth? The supply is the limit and there is no end to demand in sight. Tune in to hear from leading market experts and urbanists on why South Florida has not only become one of the most dominant markets for domestic and international investors, but why it’s become imperative that all major players establish a presence in the Magic City.