Making of a Modern Office Tower: Reimagining a New Generation of High-Rises

Join Commercial Observer for a timely discussion on the evolution of tall urban habitats as take an inside look at the making of the modern office tower. Architects, developers, and innovative service providers are breaking the mold in introducing new, sleek building designs, enhanced operational systems, and cutting-edge, world-class amenities to properties around the world. From LED facade systems achieving tower “invisibility” to green building concepts and ecological developments that bring nature indoor to tenants, commercial real estate and design visionaries continue to challenge our very concept of what the modern office tower is, as well as the progressive outcomes and functionalities it can achieve. The result is tech-infused towers with trend-setting designs, new global standards for building efficiencies and sustainability, and awe-inspiring properties that serve as standalone urban ecosystems. Tune in to learn how industry leaders are bringing ingenuity and imagination to the design, development, and inner-workings of the modern office tower.