5th Annual Fall Financing Commercial Real Estate Forum | New York

As we start a new decade, industry experts must be increasingly adept at pivoting strategies in a continuously evolving playing field. This became ever more apparent in light of the market crisis that emerged in Q1 and is continuing through the fall. The ability to identify fleeting moments from long-term shifts is critical in determining which deals make sense in a rapidly changing climate. The New York Fall Financing CRE Forum will discuss the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak as they relate to commercial real estate finance, where it’s safe to invest, opportunities for yield, the shift to a lenders’ market and how firms are moving business forward in this new normal. Join our expert speakers as they discuss: - If there are any windows of opportunity with current market volatility - Which deals are moving forward and which are struggling - Domestic and foreign investor strategies - Key differentiating factors between competing finance sources - How strong commercial real estate is as an industry to withstand the impacts of this new crisis