5th Annual Retail Forum

The retail and hospitality industries have been forced to continuously reinvent themselves throughout the past decade. With technology and social media infiltrating every aspect of how we socialize, stores, restaurants and hotels must continuously evolve to create meaningful, in-person experiences. But now, with ongoing restrictions emerging from a global health scare and continuing pandemic, industry leaders are back at the drawing board. How can we future-proof entertainment, shopping and dining destinations and ultimately rescue retail? The 2021 Retail Forum will take a look at how real estate visionaries are rethinking retail to bring commerce and dining offline and back in person. Cultural experiences and sought after dining, tourism and shopping destinations are a vital thread within urban centers. The U.S. depends on the success of these industries to drive foot traffic and commerce to our primary cultural center and business corridors. Don’t miss your opportunity to tune as retailers, restaurateurs, major hospitality chains and the real estate industry’s preeminent leaders explore long-term strategies for tackling and controlling the ever-changing landscape of the U.S. retail market.