Marc Holliday

Chairman and chief executive officer of SL Green.

Before landing at SL Green, Holliday made a name for himself as a dealmaker at Victor Capital Group and Capital Trust.

Holliday’s first interaction with Stephen Green, the company’s founder and current chairman emeritus, came in the late 1990s, when Green wanted to bring his company public.

“Steve at the time owned the moniker, ‘King of the Bs,’” Holliday remembered. Green had “an older building portfolio, but in good locations with a great brand name, and I took on that challenge of working with Steve and financing his team for the better part of two years, which culminated in the IPO of SL Green in 1997.”

Since taking over, Holliday has led the REIT to become the largest owner of office space in New York City; and, in addition to high-profile buys and sales of property, has also taken the firm into high-end new construction with One Vanderbilt, its skyscraper near Grand Central Station.

The son of a mortgage broker, Holliday grew up on Long Island and earned his BA from Lehigh University and his master’s in real estate development from Columbia University. He lives in Westchester with his wife, and has three children.