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Commercial Observer is the most targeted way to reach the commercial real estate industry’s most powerful players including building owners and managers, brokers, commercial lenders and professional services firms.

Our weekly coverage, up-to-the-minute updates on, and live events provide an essential mix of breaking news, interviews, features, exclusive industry columnists, and in-depth analyses of market trends.

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National Association of Real Estate Editors Journalism Awards

2014 Best Weekly Newspaper Report Silver Award

“This story examined the big-time New York City developers' renewed affection for Brooklyn. The reporter captured Brooklyn’s still untapped real estate potential for those working in the city.”

2013 Best Team Report Silver Award

“This was an incredibly creative and successful attempt to explain all of the haggling over the government’s lease of the new 1 World Trade Center in New York City. It used cartoon panels in a striking way to explain a complex story.”

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Commercial Observer’s unparalleled editorial coverage extends to live events focusing on important topics in the commercial real estate industry.

About Realgraph

Realgraph is a national platform to connect and inform commercial real estate professionals about the deals, transactions, organizations and players driving the industry. Realgraph’s content is comprised of contributions from members of the Realgraph community, Commercial Observer's editorial team, public records and various data sources.

Owners, leasing brokers, lenders, mortgage brokers, construction firms, architects and real estate professional services use Realgraph to:


Add information about activities (deals, transactions, etc.) to share your important news with the Realgraph community.


Search buildings of interest, see the latest activities associated with those properties, and identify the people and organizations behind the transactions.

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