Mary Schwagerl, 26

Mary Schwagerl

Mary Schwagerl, 26

Senior associate at Ripco Real Estate

Mary Schwagerl, 26
By June 20, 2024 4:01 PM

When she was a kid, Mary Schwagerl would accompany her father and sisters to the construction site of Hearst Tower.

Her father Brian Schwagerl (who is currently a clinical assistant professor at NYU’s Schack Institute of Real Estate) was in charge of Hearst’s real estate at the time, but the trips had a predictable effect.

“I had a particular interest in staying on top of New York City real estate,” Schwagerl said. “At a young age that sparked. I formed a bond at an early age with my dad.”

After a stint at RCG Properties and then at Nest Seekers (where she was briefly a residential broker) the University of Maryland grad joined Richard Skulnik’s team at Ripco.

At Ripco, Schwagerl started out in the real estate trenches. Her first deal was when she showed the gym Hotworx around a property in Chelsea. She showed them a space on Seventh Avenue and West 21st Street that was “a little too expensive… but I could tell they were ready to make a deal. So, while I had them, I took them over to an agency listing we had [around the corner at 125 West 21st Street]. I said, ‘I think this space could potentially work for you — this is where you could get that deal number you wanted.’ ”


Since then Schwagerl has graduated to bigger assignments. She’s currently representing RXR on 80,000 square feet of space that they’re leasing at 620 Avenue of the Americas — the former Bed Bath & Beyond that once lorded over that Chelsea block.

“This is something that piqued my interest,” Schwagerl said. “How we can take these big-box spaces” and fill them? “Previously, Bed Bath & Beyond looped around like a U, with a lower level. No one needs that much square footage. So we’re cutting it up — two corner spaces on the south and north corner, and then the atrium. We’re playing a puzzle-piece game.”

When the deal closes, she’ll have plenty to discuss with her dad.

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