Cameron Tuttle, 26

Cameron Tuttle, 26

Associate at Denham Wolf Real Estate Services

Cameron Tuttle, 26
By December 4, 2023 12:05 AM

Cameron Tuttle does good — good real estate. 

The associate represents only nonprofits in New York at the Denham Wolf Real Estate Services consultancy, helping organizations figure out their real estate needs. It’s a position that has also allowed her to juggle both leasing and investment sales. “I do it all,” Tuttle explained.

Just look at her work for the Lucille Lortel Theatre Foundation, which provides funds for New York City theater companies. Executives first came to Tuttle seeking to lease about 2,000 square feet. But after touring the market, they realized they could afford to buy a headquarters large enough to fit a black box theater. The nonprofit ultimately paid $5.35 million for a three-story building at 134 West 18th Street in Chelsea, marking Tuttle’s first sale.

Also this year, Tuttle outdid herself by closing another sale — $1 million above asking price. Tuttle and her boss, Christopher Turner, brokered the sale of The Archdiocese of New York’s three-building complex in Hell’s Kitchen for $16 million to a foundation founded by Taiwanese billionaire Walter Wang. The deal included a provision to keep the church building for 20 years, alleviating fears from some neighbors that the congregation would be displaced. 

“I really like working with organizations who really give a damn about New York City,” Tuttle said. 

The associate has no plans to stop: “I think in five years, I want to be really involved with a nonprofit of my choosing. I really like animals. So maybe something that has to do with animals.”

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