Adam Boggia, 32

Adam Boggia, 32

Vice president at L&L Holding Company

Adam Boggia, 32
By November 30, 2023 5:55 PM

Just a few years after graduating from Syracuse University, Adam Boggia found himself in the Caribbean, assessing hurricane damage for a construction consultancy. 

The year was 2017, one of the most devastating hurricane seasons on record, and Boggia was working on a recently hit resort on St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Yet another hurricane passed over the island during his three weeks there, forcing Boggia and his colleagues to hunker down and ride out the storm.

That experience “was important to me because it really established a strong work ethic that would help me in the future,” Boggia said. “I was there working 12, 14 hours straight, seven days a week for a month on the island, estimating it in poor conditions. It was something that instilled pride in the product you can produce when you put some hard work down.”

That work ethic, along with Boggia’s knack for getting things done under pressure, has been well noted by the powers that be. Just five years after consulting in St. John, Boggia rose to the executive ranks of L&L Holding Company, the New York City-based real estate investment firm. 

Boggia currently leads the development of L&L’s Terminal Warehouse project, an office and retail overhaul of a 1.2 million-square-foot industrial building in West Chelsea built in the 19th century. The project is looking to reach substantial completion by the end of next year, Boggia said, and L&L is beginning to engage with potential tenants. 

Boggia said his best asset as a manager is his ability to step back and calmly assess what the core of a particular problem is, rather than reacting to it on a surface level. Much like a basketball point guard, he said it’s about knowing who to pass the ball to in order to get the best result. 

“What’s important to me is that success truly comes from the people and how well we can communicate,” Boggia said. “That’s kind of the mantra that I’m looking to expand on as I move forward in my career. Communication, transparency and honesty are the key ingredients to a successful development.”

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