Did Toll Brother Just Buy 1110 Park Avenue, With Plans for More Than Just a Townhouse?


Toll Brothers, the Philadelphia-based McMansion builders, have been making a big play in New York over the past decade. Most of those projects were in Brooklyn, but in the fall, the firm’s New York office, Toll Brothers City Living, moved to Manhattan, and company president David Von Sprekelsen told The Real Deal he would be focusing more of his energy here.

Curbed recently heard rumors that Toll had closed on the purchase of 1110 Park Avenue, a 25-foot-wide redbrick townhouse, and might even have an eye on neighboring 1108 Park Avenue. The former indeed appears to be true, as the property just sold for $16.5 million, according to city records. That is a big premium on the $14.95 million ask, too. Read More