Apthorp Apathy: Sales Team Walks Over Unpaid Commissions


the apthorp Apthorp Apathy: Sales Team Walks Over Unpaid CommissionsThe Apthorp just can’t catch a break. First there was this week’s story in The Observer about the deteriorating conditions at the hulking Upper West Side rental-to-condo-to-total-mess conversion that took place over the past few years. Maybe that had something to do with today’s news that the Elliman sales team has walked out on the complex.

According to an email sent to Curbed (AHEM — ours is realestate@observer.com), superbroker Dolly Lenz walked out on the place because of unpaid commissions. That said, the listings are still on Lenz’ site and Elliman’s.

The Real Estate Desk asked Elliman head Dottie Herman for her thoughts while discussing the firm’s Third Quarter Market Report (check back tomorrow for more details). “Before I say anything, I want to think about it,” Herman said. She promised to put us in touch with her VP and general counsel Ken Harman, but he never called. All we got was the same statement as everybody else:

During Prudential Douglas Elliman’s tenure as the exclusive sales agent for the Apthorp, it sold more than $110,000,000 worth of units and enabled the developer to declare the Condominium Offering Plan effective. Notwithstanding Prudential Douglas Elliman’s success, its contract was expiring and the developer and Prudential Douglas Elliman mutually decided to end their relationship. In order to assist the developer, Prudential Douglas Elliman stayed on as exclusive agent, until the developer could find a replacement.

Nobody writes. Nobody calls. The Desk is feeling very unloved at the moment.

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