Asphalt Green Launches Ad Blitz Attacking Trash Transfer Station


Upper East Side sports and recreation complex Asphalt Green is asking its neighbors a $64,000 question: have politics drowned out a necessary discussion about a trash transfer station’s impact on neighborhood children?

The facility, which would be severed by the controversial projects, rolled out an expensive bus shelter, phone booth and mail campaign in opposition to the East 91st Street Marine Transfer Plant today.

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Asphalt Green
Asphalt Green

Posters and letters target roughly 100,000 New Yorkers living between East 59th and 116th Streets. Asphalt Green Executive Director Carol Tweedy said that 31,000 children use the center’s Olympic-sized swimming pool, gym and sports field each year each year. Asphalt Green also release a study concluding that diesels emissions from the plant exceed city estimates.

“Asphalt Green’s issue is about the health of children. That message was just not getting through,” Ms. Tweedy told DNA Info. “So we made the decision, reluctantly, that we had to have our own message sent.”

Supporters of the transfer station claim it more equitably distributes New York’s sanitation responsibilities across the income spectrum as opposed to dumping them on poorer neighborhoods.

The study cost about $25,000 on top of the campaign’s $64,000 price tag.