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Racinos and Casinos

Genting’s Resorts World Casino Most Profitable, Slappable Racino

VLTs have feelings, too.

Genting Malaysia’s Resorts World Casino’s video lottery terminals (VLTs) can dish out the dollars and take it on the chin, evidently.

The Queens-based racino, which paid out $3 billion in winnings to the users of its VLTs between the months of April and June, has experienced a surge in the number of sourpuss gamblers who take their money-losing frustrations out on the racino’s gambling machines, The New York Times reports.

The damage inflicted to these machines, by way of punches and kicks, often results in additional monetary losses for the offender. Angry gambler Catherine Beckett caused $1,800-worth in damage after she slapped a VLT not once, not twice, but thrice.  And despite the victim being an inanimate object, these assaults can also lead to jail time. Sarah Maslin Nir reports: Read More

Racinos and Casinos

Aqueduct Racino Pays Out Most Winnings in NY State

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Aqueduct Resorts World, the Queens racino owned by Genting Malaysia, has been New York State’s biggest tax-revenue producer while also doling out the most winnings among the nine racinos in the state, The NY Post reports.

The racino paid out $3 billion to the users of its video lottery terminals (VLTs) of the $3.178 billion in wagers it collected between April through the middle of June, according to financial reports filed with the state Lottery Division.

Aqueduct Resorts World pocketed the leftover $178 million, with nearly 60 percent of that revenue going back to the state.  Read More