CREFC 2013

CREFC 2013

CREFC 2013: A Look Back

CREFC's Alex Ong and Andrea Rouse.

On Tuesday January 15 in the middle of the Commercial Real Estate Finance Council’s January 2013 conference, The Mortgage Observer was joined by conference attendees for our event celebrating the conference at Miami’s STK. The Collins Avenue bar and steakhouse played host to industry insiders and Observer Media Group staff, who spent an evening talking Read More

CREFC 2013

[Liveblog] Reconstructing Servicing to the New World Order

[11:30 a.m.] We’re done…

[11:25 a.m.] Large servicers have done a great job of driving technology. Leads to efficiency. Smaller companies that focus on value add side, focus can be on making sure that more customized servicer, other than just driving cost, are provided.

[11:20 a.m.] Send your questions for this panel to Read More

CREFC 2013

[Liveblog] Opening General Session

Stephen Renna, CREFC CEO.

[4:30 p.m.] We’re done! Thanks for following and check back tomorrow for liveblogs of additional panels–and follow us on Twitter at @commercial_nyo and @carlosville.

[4:26 p.m.] Question: How likely is it that rates will stay low not just through 2014, but for the next 5 years? Answer: Possible, he says. We could be patterning Read More

CREFC 2013

CREFC CEO Renna Checks in Ahead of Conference

Stephen Renna

Monday afternoon, as the CRE Finance Council‘s January 2013 conference got underway, security from the Loews Miami Beach Hotel, with good reason, was making sure to check IDs as attendees made their way to the section of the hotel reserved for the afternoon’s meetings. A guard told The Mortgage Observer that it wasn’t uncommon for players to try to forgo the registration fee and opt, instead, to suit up and make a run for it.

It was a phenomenon that we, in fact, witnessed for ourselves, while waiting to chat with CRE Finance Council CEO Stephen Renna. Apparently, the group’s efforts to grow the conference–and expand the relevance of the organization–have paid off and made it one hot ticket. Read More