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Network to Get Work

Networking is important for real estate Brokers because it enables them to build and deepen relationships with existing and prospective clients. In the past, networking meant meeting people face- to-face at REBNY, workshops or continuing education events. Technology such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites has changed the game but nothing can Read More

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The Renewed Art of Networking: Why It’s More Important Than Ever

There are many characteristics top brokers in our industry possess.

This long list includes passion, an intense work ethic, integrity, specialization (to create a competitive advantage that allows an agent to differentiate themselves from others), a long-term perspective and the ability to manage a limited amount of time well.

Another characteristic of top commercial brokers Read More

Food For Thought

Finding Added Value in Free Time

In this business, the first few months are the toughest. Adapting to the environment of “here’s a desk, here’s a phone, GO,” isn’t the easiest thing to do as a young broker “pounding the pavement” and putting in the extra time.

It is tough to find a few solid hours to sit down and clear your Read More