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Yakety Yack, Don’t Talk Back: Eric Hader ‘Cleanin’ Up’ to the Tune of $250 M. at Popular Music Haven


A building described by some as “the most important generator of popular songs in the Western world,” including The Coasters‘ 1958 hit The Brill Building at 1619 Broadway is famous for housing music industry offices and studios where some of the most popular American music tunes were written over the last several decades.

Now, its Read More


Another Setback for Joe Chetrit at Chelsea Hotel: Speaker Quinn Alleges Tenant Harassment

Joe Chetrit (Credit: Mathew Katz/DNAinfo)

The Department of Buildings ordered Joseph Chetrit to stop work at the Chelsea Hotel on Friday night, one day after City Council Speaker Christine Quinn sent a scathing letter asking the developer to do so, The Real Deal reports.

The order, the latest of a series of setbacks at the property, followed complaints from tenants that heat and gas service had been shut off at the site, leading DOB inspectors, a range of other city organizations and ConEdison to visit the site on Friday.

“HPD will be issuing violations for no heat and hot water and no gas as these conditions have not yet been addressed by ownership,” one city official told The Real Deal.

Once a mecca for bohemians, artists, writers and musicians, from Bob Dylan to Charles Bukowski to Iggy Pop, the famed “hotel” undergoes its own transformation, to the chagrin of some.

Ms. Quinn, in her letter, recalled the outstanding violation against Mr. Chetrit that was issued after construction workers broke through a tenant’s ceiling.

“You must stop this blatant harassment of your tenants,” Quinn wrote. Read More

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A Hotel Hip Enough for Justin Bieber? New Chelsea Development Site Could Yield the Next Chelsea Hotel


130 years after the historic Chelsea Hotel was marketed for $300,000, Massey Knakal is marketing a nearby hotel/commercial real estate development site at 113-117 West 24th Street for $79 million.

A lot has changed since 1883, the same year the Brooklyn Bridge was completed.

It was well before New York City eclipsed London as the most populous urban area in the world.  Modern soda pop was being developed in a lab somewhere, and Coca-Cola wouldn’t hit shelves – with its two key ingredients, cocaine and caffeine – until 1886.  It would take a man named Bloomberg — Mayor Michael Bloomberg — 127 years to restrict abundant consumption of the potent elixir and similar tonics. Read More

Barclays Center: From Eminent Domain to Deron Williams

Toronto Raptors v Brooklyn Nets

“It was intended to be iconic,” MaryAnne Gilmartin said of the Barclays Center’s façade of undulating rusted steel just three months after the wildly controversial arena opened its doors.

But while the arena’s architecture aimed to lodge itself in the public consciousness, the Atlantic Yards development project, of which Barclays is the preening firstborn child, couldn’t have anticipated the discord it would ignite in the Brooklyn neighborhoods it promised to reactivate. Read More